Selling with Paul

We need to work together to develop a marketing strategy that works for you the seller. From home staging to virtual tours to print advertising and website’s it is imperative to make it impossible for a serious buyer to be searching and not have your house put in front of them. The objective is to get the maximum value you can and the best terms for the seller in the shortest period of time.

Pricing your home is one of the most crucial parts of selling your home! A lot of time and money can be lost but not evaluating properly and the end result is too long on the market and getting less in the end.

Getting your home ready for selling can be discussed during the initial interview. Sellers sometime want to do repairs prior to selling so it is good to discuss that prior to actually listing because some are not necessary.

I am quite familiar with the majority of successful realtors in the business in Sudbury and that helps tremendously with respect to marketing homes.

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